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Trump VP Reportedly Narrowed Down To Three Potential Candidates

via PBS

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly considering three potential running mates for the Republican presidential nomination: Doug Burgum, J.D. Vance, and Marco Rubio.

Speculation has surrounded Trump’s choice, with reports indicating a narrowed-down list of VP candidates.

“There’s so much speculation right now and a lot of anticipation over who Donald Trump is going to ultimately select. And this is the language we’ve heard Donald Trump say for a while, he’s often said that he knows who his choice is going to be,” CNN’s Alayna Treene said.

“However, from my conversations with Donald Trump’s team, they’re still not completely, or they haven’t come to a formal decision yet on who he is going to select as his running mate. What I do know is that he has really narrowed his list to three top contenders: That is Doug Burgum, J.D. Vance and Marco Rubio, all people that they believe currently are at the top of his list,” Treene added.

“But of course, this is Donald Trump we’re talking about. Whenever we try to predict who a candidate will pick for VP, it’s always a difficult task. It’s even harder with Donald Trump. And again, when I talk to his team, they say he is someone who changes his mind every day based on who he sees on TV, who he speaks with over the phone. And so until he formally makes his announcement, Donald Trump can change his mind up until the last minute,” she added.
Trump’s team suggests he can change his mind until the last minute, complicating predictions.

Past reports included other names like Tim Scott, Tom Cotton, Byron Donalds, Elise Stefanik, and Ben Carson.

“Trump tells me and @DashaBurns just now: – He’s picked his VP – He hasn’t told them yet – They’ll be at the debate,” NBC’s Jake Traylor wrote.

Trump has stated he has selected his vice president but has not disclosed the choice, emphasizing the importance of this decision for his legacy and future Republican leadership.


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