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Bill Maher Says Biden Campaign Is Sinking, Reveals Brutal Poll Data

via HBO

Bill Maher on “Real Time” highlighted President Biden’s decline in support among crucial demographics crucial to his 2020 victory, citing decreased backing from Hispanic and black voters compared to the previous election.

Maher critiqued Biden’s speech at a historically black college as pandering and divisive, noting the significant drop in support among young black voters.

“45 percent of Hispanic voters prefer Biden compared to 39 percent for Trump. Last time, he won 59 percent. That was 2020, so he’s lost four points there,” Maher said.

Maher emphasized Biden’s challenges in maintaining support among key groups, such as black voters and women, showcasing shifts in voter sentiment and enthusiasm compared to the 2020 election.

“He said, what is democracy if you have to be 10 times better than anyone else to get a fair shot? That seemed like pandering to me. Black voters under 50. He led by 80 points in 2020. Now by 37, still a lot, but he’s lost 43 points off the key constituency,” Maher said.

“Student loans, he’s forgiven $140 billion in student loans, only 34 percent of debt holders.”

“I mean, if you can’t win the people you’re pandering to, yeah I mean I get it politics is somewhat about pandering, that’s not even an insult, you’re supposed to do what people want to a certain degree, but also be a leader. But if you’re not winning these groups and he’s lost 8 percent off women since 2020 and yet I read in winning these groups and he’s lost 8 percent off women since 2020 and yet I read in the polls he pulled ahead this week. Explain that to me.”


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