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Hunter Biden Juror Reveals Texts That Led to Conviction

via CBS

Hunter Biden was convicted on three felony counts related to lying about his drug use during a firearms purchase in 2018.

Text messages between Hunter and his sister-in-law, Hallie Biden, played a crucial role in the conviction, indicating his drug-related activities at the time of the gun acquisition.

“[The text messages showed], in my opinion, he was training to get drugs,” one juror said.

Hunter Biden “looks kind of defeated. He looks kind of helpless to me,” the juror stated.

“I think he just needs to get away somewhere and get some real rehab, if he hasn’t. Hopefully he’s still not using,” she added.

The jury’s discussions focused on evidence rather than the Biden family’s political associations, with jurors noting the absence of political influence in the deliberations.

“I was expecting all of us to be at each other’s throats, you know, because of who his father is and how the political climate is in this country,” one juror stated.

Despite facing potential jail time and hefty fines, some jurors expressed compassion and questioned the necessity of imprisoning Hunter Biden, considering him a first-time offender likely to receive a reduced sentence.

“We didn’t use Jill. We didn’t use President Biden,” another juror noted, adding that Joe Biden’s “name was only brought up once during the trial.”

“No politics came into play, and politics was not even spoken about,” the juror said.

“I really don’t think that Hunter belongs in jail,” the juror said.


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