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Turley Knocks DA Willis Over Her Response to Subpoena In Lover’s Divorce Case


Georgetown University law professor Jonathan Turley criticized Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ response to a subpoena in her reported lover’s divorce case.

Turley noted that Willis’ actions, including attacking the estranged wife of her alleged lover, have damaged her case.

A judge allowed the unsealing of documents in the divorce case, revealing evidence of trips taken by Willis and her alleged lover.

“The damage is already done for Willis, and in many ways, she’s really magnifying that damage with her moves,” Turley said.

“She filed a motion before the court that attacked the estranged wife of her alleged lover as an adulterer and political conspirator. It was the worst possible tack that she could have taken.”

“She could have just said, ‘I’m not relevant,’ she could have said a deposition is not needed, and instead, she did this full-on attack, and that only raises further questions,” he said.

The evidence raised questions about their relationship and potential conflicts of interest, especially as Willis had appointed her alleged lover as a special prosecutor in a case against former President Donald Trump.

“I mean, you have the original decision that she made, which in my view is deeply unethical, in hiring someone she had an alleged intimate relationship with. But she compounded that afterwards in her response. It’s clear that Mr. Wade and Willis, herself, are undermining the case for her office.”

The revelations have led to concerns about ethical and legal issues surrounding Willis and Nathan Wade’s involvement in the case.

“She went to this conspiratorial argument and called anyone raising these questions racist,” Turley said. “There are experts on both the left and the right who have said that she and Wade should recuse themselves, and in many ways, it’s ironic. She accused Trump of not listening to the legal experts about the law and the election. She’s doing the same thing.”

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