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Woman Raised in USSR Says Biden’s DOJ Acts ‘Like KGB’

Victoria Spartz Explodes At AG Merrick Garland Over His Handling Of Justice Dept | via CSPAN

Indiana Representative Victoria Spartz recently called out Attorney General Merrick Garland for what she believes to be a similar style of leadership between the DOJ and the former KGB of the Soviet Union. Spartz feels that much like the KGB put fear in its people, the DOJ is doing likewise.

The GOP Rep started off by complimenting and drawing connection to Garland’s opening lines, in which he recalled his grandparents having immigrated to America from Belarus.

With tears in his eyes, Garland mentioned his extended family who passed away in the Holocaust, never arriving on American soil. (Trending: Trump Gets Big Win in Georgia Court)

His grandmother, on the other hand, “Under the protection of our laws, she was able to live without fear of persecution.”

“That protection is what distinguishes this country from so many others,” Garland noted. “The protection of law — the rule of law — is the foundation of our system of government.”

Spartz quickly reminded the AG that she herself was an immigrant from Ukraine, arriving in America just 23 years ago.

“When I came here as a young person I believed in the value as an American not to be afraid of my government,” Spartz exclaimed.

Spartz then pressed Garland, asking, “are you aware that a lot of Americans are now afraid of being prosecuted by your department?”

“Are you aware of that? … Are you aware or not?” she repeated.

Garland began to respond, saying, “I think that constant attacks on the Department and saying —”

Spartz cut him off and said, “It’s not attacks. Let me give you an example,” and recalled the January 6th protest at the Capitol. (Trending: Joe Biden Slammed For Racist Remark)

“There probably were some people that came on January 6 here that had bad intent,” she recognized. “But a lot of good Americans from my district came here because they are sick and tired of this government not serving them.”

Spartz expressed how she felt the protest primarily escalated due to improper security.

She then reminded him that the FBI had conducted the greatest investigation in the history of the country in order to find protesters who stepped foot on the Capitol that day. Spartz then mentioned that the FBI raided the homes of innocent Americans, and had notices up in her own district near Indianapolis.

“People are truly afraid,” Spartz pointed out. “And this is a big problem, when people are afraid of their own government.”

Spartz went on to criticize the fact that the FBI had no real predicate to investigate Donald Trump for alleged connections to Russian leadership.

The investigation was mostly grounded on the Steele dossier given to the FBI from the Democratic National Committee. (Trending: AOC Dealt A Heavy Dose of Reality)

“It’s like KGB,” Spartz exclaimed in regard to the “Russiagate” Trump investigation.

“We move very quick on Donald Trump, but very slow-walked on others,” she stated, calling out the DOJ.

“I couldn’t believe it happened in the United States of America. This is my frustration,” Spartz said to Garland.

“That is danger to our republic,” she stated. “It is significant danger.”

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