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Bad News For Democrats: Majority Of Voters Oppose DEI Agenda

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A recent survey of American voters revealed strong opposition to race and sexuality-based hiring practices and efforts to embed Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the medical field.

The majority of respondents, including Democrats and liberals, opposed discriminatory hiring and promotion practices associated with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

Most respondents disagreed with the idea of considering racial justice in medical treatment and opposed taxpayer funding for institutions promoting race, gender identity, and sexuality-based services.

The survey also indicated disapproval of the American College of Surgeons’ toolkit encouraging consideration of a patient’s race and identity in care.

The poll also captured opinions on President Biden’s performance and the country’s direction, with a majority expressing disapproval and a belief that the country is on the wrong track.

Dr. Richard Bosshardt, a Senior Fellow at Do No Harm, said, “The American College of Surgeons should junk their DEI Toolkit which seeks to indoctrinate surgeons to see patients according to their racial, ethnic, or other identity group. Patients must be treated as individuals and not as a member of a racial or ethnic entity.”

“DEI displaces excellence and has no place in medicine. It is not supported by two-thirds of patients, and supposed benefits to its adoption are not supported by any evidence,” he continued.

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, the Director of Do No Harm, said, “Merit alone should be the basis for selecting those who have patients’ lives in their hands. The divisive identity politics pushed by supporters of ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ is illegal, unscientific, dangerous and, according to this poll, unpopular.”

“Medical schools, hospitals, doctors, and medical professionals at all levels will continue to erode trust until they abandon identity politics and emphasize excellence and accountability in care,” added Goldfarb.

Top concerns included inflation, immigration, and border security.

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