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Burisma Connection: Jim Jordan Suggests It Led to Influence in the White House

via CNN

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan plans to question Hunter Biden’s former prosecutor about the handling of the investigation and the decision to allow the statute of limitations to expire for certain tax years related to Hunter’s income from Ukrainian energy firm Burisma.

Jordan has also launched an oversight investigation into U.S. intelligence agencies for allegedly obstructing a 2020 Senate investigation concerning the Biden family.

He is seeking information about a briefing that characterized claims of influence peddling involving President Joe Biden and his son Hunter as misinformation from Russia, which hampered the Senators’ investigation.

“Lesley Wolf, assistant U.S. Attorney for the DOJ out of Wilmington, Delaware, is part of a five-year investigation into Hunter Biden. Served with David Weiss. Allegedly deviated from the protocol for preferential treatment—that’s the allegation. And is known to be a Democratic campaign donor, Leslie Wolf. How could one person hold all of this up? Is it that simple?” Jordan was asked.

“Well, I think it was the whole investigation. As you pointed out, Bill, it took them five years and is still ongoing. It’s now special counsel David Weiss. Lesley Wolf, according to whistleblowers, is the lady who said we’re not going to look into campaign finance concerns that Mr. Shapley, Mr. Ziegler, and others of the investigative team thought should be examined,” Jordan said.

“She’s the one who said you can’t use the term Big Guy when you do any interviews. You can’t talk about ‘Political Figure Number One’, who we all know was Joe Biden. So we want to ask her questions about all that, and maybe most importantly, why did the investigation decide to let the tax years 2014 and 2015, when the bulk of the Burisma income was coming to Hunter Biden? Why did they let the statute of limitations lapse for those years?” he said.

“My theory is that when you get into Burisma, you get to the White House. It is one thing to charge Hunter Biden with a gun charge in Delaware. That doesn’t even involve Joe Biden. But when you get into Burisma, it does because this is a Ukrainian energy company that paid Hunter Biden so much money. So we want to ask her some questions about that as well.”

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