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Jay Leno ‘Not a Fan’ of Trump, Claims America Can Do ‘Better’

via YouTube

Comedian Jay Leno expressed his disapproval of former President Donald Trump, stating that he believes America can do better than a second Trump presidency.

Leno, who traditionally avoided discussing his political views, broke his silence during an interview with Piers Morgan, emphasizing his lack of support for Trump and his disagreement with efforts to remove Trump from the presidential ballot.

Leno said, “I’m not a fan.”

“I’m against that,” said Leno about banning Trump from ballots.

“If the people want that person as president, that’s fine,” continued the comedian.

“I mean, I’m not a fan, and it has nothing to do with politics. I just don’t think morally — I think we could do a little bit better. You know all these indictments, whatever it might be,” he explained.

Leno said, “You know, when I did The Tonight Show, the idea was you made fun of both sides equally.”

“They’d both be angry. And I’d go, ‘Oh, that’s good.’ You know, they both think you’re supporting the other guy,” he continued.

“Now, you’ve gotta take a side, and people are angry if you don’t,” emphasized Leno.

He also mentioned his belief that the country could aim for higher moral standards in its leadership.

Leno reflected on his previous policy of political neutrality during his time hosting The Tonight Show, acknowledging the current societal pressure to take a side in political matters.

Leno participated in a fundraiser for then-candidate Joe Biden in 2020.

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