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Democrat in another blue city joins push to ban gas stoves

via Maria Hadden

A Chicago Democrat plans to propose a bill banning natural gas in new buildings, following other cities’ footsteps.

Supporters argue it would reduce carbon emissions and childhood asthma risk.

Alderwoman Maria Hadden, “This is a matter of real survival and the future of our city — and especially our economic future.”

“We’re being forced in this direction by nature, but also by policy and by business and industry,” she continued.

“People are making these decisions because it’s economical, it’s healthier, it’s safer,” she explained.

New York already passed a similar ban.

However, the American Gas Association claims natural gas is cost-effective and beneficial, while others argue that going fully electric would save consumers money.

American Gas Association President and CEO Karen Harbert said, “From providing affordable energy to consumers to driving down emissions, the benefits this fuel has for our nation are tangible and impossible to ignore.”

“Any push to ban natural gas in Chicago would raise costs to consumers, jeopardize environmental progress and deny affordable energy to underserved populations,” their statement continued.

Citizens Utility Board Executive Director Sarah Moskowitz said, “Status quo with regards to heating in Chicago is unsustainable in almost every sense of the term.”

“People’s gas bills are already extremely high, the gas utility is trying to get rate increases, people are paying a minimum of $50 a month before they even use any gas, and we have vast swaths of the city structurally unable to afford their heating bills,” she added.

The debate revolves around environmental impact, consumer costs, and health concerns.

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