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Supreme Court Rejects Appeal By Musk’s X Over Disclosing Federal Surveillance

via The Babylon Bee on Youtube

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from Elon Musk’s company, X (formerly known as Twitter), regarding the disclosure of national security-related surveillance requests.

X sought to reveal the number of times it received such requests, but the appeal was rejected, leaving intact a ruling that restrictions on free speech related to national security requests are not subject to certain procedural requirements.

CNBC reported, “The decision leaves in place a ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which held that restrictions on free speech related to receiving requests for surveillance related to national security concerns are not subject to certain procedural requirements that mandate judicial review.” (Trending: Clintons Scramble To Delete Embarrassing Photo, But Were Too Slow)

“X’s lawsuit had sought the right to publicly reveal the exact number of times in six months it received a national security order requesting information about users,” the outlet continued.

Additionally, Musk made headlines for accusing President Joe Biden of “sleepwalking” into World War III during an online event, expressing concerns about U.S. policies driving Russia and China closer together.

“Let’s just say that for there to be a global conflict, a World War Three, you have to have two superpower alliances where one cannot easily defeat the other. And that is the case,” said Musk.

“And that, I think, is a massive shift in thinking that most people do not understand. Most people on this call may understand, but most do not. I think we want to try to avoid that,” he continued.

“I hope it is not something that the tides of history are simply going to sweep us in that direction because there is a strong argument that these things are unavoidable and the tides of history will sweep us in that direction whether we like it or not. But we should try to avoid that if at all possible,” advised the billionaire.

Musk noted, “Unfortunately, our policy has been forcing Russia and Iran to ally with China; it’s been forcing them. What choice have we given them?”

“Russia has the raw materials, and China has the industrial capacity. It’s, frankly, a perfect match from a war standpoint. So I think we need to stop doing that. It’s unwise, and I think it will lead to an immense risk to civilization,” warned Musk.

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