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Former gang leader charged in killing of Tupac Shakur is allowed $750K bail and house arrest

via Las Vegas Police

A former Los Angeles-area gang leader, Duane “Keffe D” Davis, charged with orchestrating the killing of Tupac Shakur in 1996, has been granted bail at $750,000 and will serve house arrest with electronic monitoring ahead of trial.

Prosecutors argue that Davis is guilty of murder based on his admissions and a jailhouse phone call, while his defense claims that the evidence is not credible.

Davis maintains he was given immunity from prosecution in 2008, but prosecutors say any immunity agreement was limited. (Trending: Fox News Star Accused Of Major Scandal)

The case involves complex legal and evidentiary issues, and Davis’ attorneys emphasize the public nature of his alleged involvement in Shakur’s death.

Prosecutor Binu Palal, said, “There is one constant. Mr. Davis has consistently admitted to being architect of the murder.”

Prosecutor Marc DiGiacomo described Davis as “a very, very high danger to the community.”

Judge Carli Kierny highlighted that Davis, “made a living talking about his past life as a leader of the South Side Crips.“

“And also the killing of Mr. Shakur in graphic detail,” the judge added.

Defense attorney Robert Arroyo asked, “If his guilt is so overwhelming, what’s been happening for 15 years?”

“Why did we wait 15 years to make the arrest?” he repeated in the following hearing.

“Conflict sells,” argued the defense attorney.

“They get on these interviews, they puff out their chest. They’re trying to get clicks,” Arroyo concluded.

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