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WH Quietly Makes Border Promise to Hispanic Lawmakers

via Sky News

The Biden administration is accused of exploiting the parole system to release migrants into the U.S., allegedly to change the American demographic in favor of progressive politics.

Officials’ assurances to Hispanic lawmakers about protecting parole have caused tension with Republicans.

The administration’s use of parole and its impact on border policy have led to political wrangling. (Trending: Prominent LGBTQ Activist Arrested Over Disturbing Charges)

The American Immigration Council reported: “The Immigration and Nationality Act authorizes the Secretary of Homeland Security to exercise discretion to temporarily allow certain noncitizens to physically enter or remain in the United States if they are applying for admission but do not have a legal basis for being admitted. DHS may only grant parole if the agency determines that there are urgent humanitarian or significant public benefit reasons for a person to be in the United States and that person merits a favorable exercise of discretion.”

Sen. Alex Padilla revealed, “We hear a lot of what concessions are we giving to Republicans, when there is not really any ‘gets’ on our side.”

“That’s not a negotiation. That’s a hostage-taking,” Sen. Bob Menendez said. “And the question is how far you’re going to let them take you hostage.”

Axios reported, “Vulnerable Democrats are urging Biden to do more to secure the border, but progressives and some members of the [Congressional Hispanic Caucus] are warning the White House that harsher border policies could depress the president’s base.”

Sen. Ben Ray Lujan said, “One of the untold stories of 2018 and 2020 is the number of Hispanic voters from [Michigan and Georgia] that pushed Democratic elected leaders over the top.”

The situation has also raised concerns about national identity and the potential impact on the American way of life.

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