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Democrat Endorsed by Hillary Clinton Loses In A Landslide

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Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee lost the Houston mayoral race against challenger John Whitmire.

Jackson Lee, 73, was endorsed by Hillary Clinton, but this failed to garner enough support to win the race.

Houston Mayor-elect John Whitmire said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is a “bully” after winning the election. (Trending: US State Unveils Controversial ‘Gender Neutral’ Laws)

“People want to go to work for me because we respect people. We don’t bully people,” Whitmire said.

“My family taught me to treat people the way you want to be treated, and that works wherever you are, regardless of what community you’re visiting with. Treat these individuals like you want to be treated.”

With support from the fire department, police unions, and a sizable campaign fund, Whitmire emphasized increased policing to make the city safer.

In October, leaked audio surfaced of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee using extremely foul and abusive language while berating a staffer.

“When I called Jerome, he only sits up there like a fat [expletive], just talking about what the [expletive] he doesn’t know. Both of y’all are [expletive]-ups… This is the worst [expletive] that I could’ve ever had put together. Two [expletive] big [expletive] children. [Expletive] idiots. Serve no [expletive] purpose,” Jackson lee said in an angry voice in one part of the recording.

The race highlighted divisions within the Democratic Party on addressing local crime.

Whitmire, a long-serving lawmaker, prioritized local concerns like crime and infrastructure.

Jackson Lee, a 15-term congresswoman, emphasized women’s access to abortion and portrayed her opponent as a Trump-style Republican.

“Great cities solve their problems,” Whitemire said after the victory. “We will face challenges, but I see that as an opportunity, and I need you to join hands with me. We’ll, meet our challenges, and it’ll be an opportunity to show the nation what the city of Houston could do.”

“I’ve had a great opportunity to serve this city, and yes, I was there during every disaster bringing federal dollars here,” she said. ” I never ran away from the fight to make Houston better. Even though the outcome was not the way we would have wanted. The best thing for us to do is to shore up and stand up and be committed to Houston moving forward. That’s what I will do.”

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