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Bernie Sanders Funnels Big Cash to Wife’s Nonprofit

via Forbes Breaking News

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), has funneled $75,000 out of his campaign account and into his wife and stepson’s nonprofit, which serves as a think tank meant to amplify progressive ideals.

The $75,000 is on top of another $200,000 that Sanders sent earlier in 2023.

The organization has come under fire before, as the group has accomplished little to nothing despite Sanders stepson making six figures with the nonprofit. (Trending: Biden Official Caught Working For Terrorists)

“The facts present in this case and the family ties involved certainly raise legitimate concern,” Kendra Arnold, executive director of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust said of the matter.

“Obviously, a senator is not allowed to use his campaign to simply transfer large sums of money to family members – regardless of the route the dollars take.” (Trending: Joe Biden Does the Unthinkable For Hamas)

“While on its face, the percentage the nonprofit paid out in salary alone is not necessarily problematic, legally the issue hinges on whether the salaries were paid for bona fide services at fair market value,” Arnold added.

“In other words, if the nonprofit and its executive director are truly producing work and actually earning the money, it is not illegal, but it is frowned upon. On the other hand, if nothing or very little is being done to earn the money legitimately, then it is highly likely a serious campaign finance violation has taken place.”

Jane Sanders stated that the group’s purpose was to bring new life to “democracy,” as well as backing other progressive organizations.

“Our feeling is at our point in time, our country is at a crossroads and people are engaged in a political process that can be opaque,” Sanders stated.

“A vital democracy requires an informed electorate, civil discourse and bold thinking,” she added. “So, we put together this team to focus on issues, but not in a partisan way, not in a way that just focuses on the latest crazy thing. It will not be about Trump; it will be about the issues facing the country.”

In 2021, the group raised just over $700,000 in funds, nearly $260,000 of which went to salaries.

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