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POLL: Will Joe Biden’s Border Crisis Be WORSE in 2024?

Photo illustration of Joe Biden via SDXL Images

Gustavo Petro, the leftist president of Colombia, has predicted that one million economic migrants from various parts of the world will make their way to the United States.

President Petro has assured that Colombia will not obstruct this massive migration.

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He firmly believes that the solution to this crisis does not lie in “chasing migrants” at the border or confining them to “concentration camps” that hinder their pursuit of reaching the United States.

Instead, he advocates for a more compassionate approach.

“I would say yes, I’ll help, but not like you think,” Petro said.

“He expects half a million people to cross the Darien this year, he said, and then a million next year,” the report found.

The large-scale influx of illegal immigrants in Colombia, coupled with the anticipated legal arrival of one million immigrants and one million temporary workers, is projected to result in roughly one migrant entering the United States for every birth within the country.

This substantial inflow would further expedite the ongoing demographic shift championed by the elite within America’s borders. Republican leaders in Congress have the potential to counter this significant 2024 inflow by blocking government expenditures related to migrant admissions. (Trending: As Fauci’s Net Worth Surpasses $11 Million, Americans Take A Closer Look At His Disturbing Lies)

The surge in migrant arrivals is on the upswing due to the White House and Congress permitting them to secure employment across the United States.

Without the prospect of employment to settle their smuggling debts, very few impoverished individuals would be willing to undertake the substantial and costly risks associated with migrating to the United States. (Trending: AOC Dealt A Heavy Dose of Reality)

Once these migrants secure jobs, they not only signal their economic progress through the use of cell phones but also serve as a magnet, attracting fellow nationals from countries like China, India, and various African nations.

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