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Democrats Prioritize Illegals Over U.S. Military Veterans

Frank Tammaro from Benny Johnson via "X"

The housing of illegal immigrants has taken precedence over that of a United States veteran, revealed by a recent story that has enraged many across the country.

Korean War veteran Frank Tammaro was removed from his nursing home facility after a behind-the-scenes deal was cut, turning the Island Shores Senior Residence of Staten Island into a migrant facility.

“I thought my suitcases were going to be on the curb,” Tammaro exclaimed. (Trending: Biden Breaks Texas Town’s All-Time Record)

“If it wasn’t for my daughter, they would’ve been on the curb.”

In the fall of last year, Tammaro was told that he had until the March to get out of the nursing home, at which point the building would be used to house migrants.

“The thing I’m annoyed about is how they did it. It was very disgraceful what they did to the people in Island Shores,” Tammaro said.

“Everything was done behind closed doors. We didn’t have a chance to actually make any attempt to stop them because there wasn’t enough time.” (Trending: 8 Undeniable Facts About Joe Biden)

Tammaro thankfully had family who was able to bring him into their home, but it is unknown whether the same was true for the remainder of the Island Shore’s residents.

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis was extremely upset when she discovered the behind-the-scenes way in which the real estate deal was handled.

“My blood pressure went through the roof when I found out Homes for the Homeless cut a deal with the City of New York to turn Island Shores into a migrant shelter,” Malliotakis stated.

“Our tax dollars as citizens of New York should not be utilized to house citizens of other countries, especially at the expense of our senior citizens and veterans who put their lives on the line, paid taxes their whole lives and built our communities,” she pressed.

Malliotakis then took to X to call out New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

“Where’s the compassion for our elderly who built our community & paid taxes their whole lives?” she posted.

Malliotakis is one of millions of Americans who are frustrated with the way in which the Biden Administration has handled security at the border, and then the migrant crisis as a whole.

To add fuel to the fire, Staten Island, a historically Republican pocket of New York City, has been turned into Mayor Adams’ dump site for migrants.

Many of those who call Staten Island home have taken to social media to express their anger over the city’s failing policies. (Trending: Joe Biden’s Legacy, A Closer Look)

“Never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to. I don’t see an ending to this,” the mayor admitted in early September.”

“This issue will destroy New York City — destroy New York City.”

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