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Illegal Immigrant Deported 9 Times Commits Heinous Crime

Juan Zavala Lopez via Dallas County Jail

Illegal immigrant Juan Vicente Zavala Lopez has been arrested following a shootout with Dallas Police and the murder of his roommate.

Body cam footage was made public showing the shootout that ended with one officer injured.

Zavala Lopez was seen shooting at his roommate in the middle of the day by Officers Derek Williams and Christopher Mazin, who happened to be driving by the scene. (Trending: Proof That Joe Biden Took Bribes)

Williams and Mazin drew weapons on Zavala Lopez, who immediately began sending rounds their way.

Reports said that the 42-year-old murder suspect hit the patrol car before taking off to flee the scene.

During their chase, Zavala Lopez turned around to drive past the officers and began shooting at them, even hitting Williams in the vest.

The patrol vehicle was hit multiple times in addition to Williams, who was let go after a short visit to a nearby hospital.

Zavala Lopez’ original target, Ruperto Mondragon Salgado, died in his truck where the first shots were fired. (Trending: 22 Chilling Facts About Biden’s Impeachment)

The suspect was apprehended shortly after the shootout by The Dallas Police Fugitive Unit, Dallas Police SWAT, and Lewisville Police.

Zavala Lopez has been charged with one count of aggravated assault, four counts of aggravated assault against a peace officer, and murder. He is currently behind bars with bonds over $1 million.

Zavala Lopez has been deported from the United States nine times.

The suspect is currently looking at a detainer from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). (Trending: Kari Lake Blasts ‘Woke’ NFL)

According to the local police chief, Zavala Lopez has a lengthy criminal history, without surprise.

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