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Angry Detransitioner Sues Doctors For What They Did to Her At 16

21-year-old Luka Hein is suing the doctors who performed a double mastectomy on her while she was just a child five years ago.

At the age of 16, Hein believed that she identified as a man and wanted to “transition” genders. However, she regrets this decision years later.

Healthcare providers agreed to “put her under the knife” in Nebraska despite the serious life-changing consequences.

The lawsuit argues that children are encouraged and rushed to accept “opposite sex pronouns” and take “cross-sex hormones.”

Many Americans have spoken out in opposition to life-altering surgeries related to gender for children.

A double mastectomy is when both breasts are removed. It is usually performed as a risk-reducing (or preventive) surgery for women at very high risk of getting breast cancer.

A 28-page lawsuit states, in part: “The ‘gender affirming’ model represents a seismic shift away from the time-tested standard of care for the proper methodology of diagnosing patients.”

“Reasonably prudent physicians have a duty to independently examine and assess patients utilizing objective tests to rule out other potential causes of a patient’s distress before resorting to irreversible procedures like double mastectomy or hysterectomy.”

The lawsuit also argues that “gender-affirming” failed to address the actual problem of gender dysphoria.

“I was going through the darkest and most chaotic time in my life, and instead of being given the help I needed, these doctors affirmed that chaos into reality,” she said.

“I don’t think kids can ever consent to having essentially full bodily functions taken away at a young age before they even know what that means,” she added.

“I was talked into medical intervention that I could not fully understand the long-term impacts and consequences of.”

After confronting the doctor who removed her breasts, he allegedly responded, “I guess this is just part of your gender journey.”

“I was essentially just brushed aside,” she told the Daily Mail during an interview.

Hein is seeking a jury trial and is asking for financial relief in the form of a reimbursement for all past and future hospital bills.

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