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‘God Is Moving’: Hundreds Baptized in Pond at Auburn University

Photo Illustration Praying via PixaBay License

A gathering of individuals who assembled at Auburn University’s Neville Arena in Alabama experienced profound transformations.

The purpose of their gathering was to attend the Unite Auburn event, where they listened to various speakers and engaged in a worship session.

The evening’s significance extended beyond these initial activities.

After the event concluded, the attendees congregated at Auburn’s Red Barn, where a series of baptisms occurred.

Video footage captures the crowd assembling by a pond, observing individuals standing in waist-deep water.

The clip captures a moment where a man conducts a baptism for a young man. As the newly baptized individual emerges from the water, the crowd applauds.

“To God be the Glory!!!!!” one said, “Beautiful and wonderful to behold.” another said.

During the event, Jonathan Pokluda, a pastor from Waco Texas, delivered a sermon that centered on the importance of sexual abstinence and maintaining purity.

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He also delved into the biblical perspective on the perils of sexual promiscuity and the use of pornography. Pokluda said he was in awe, “such a clear and obvious movement of God” in his “entire life.”
“You’re going to have to carry it out of this place for God to do something in and through this place.” he said.

Pokluda left a message to the young attendees, emphasizing that they were about to receive a significant responsibility.

“It’s just a message of unity, saying when you’re a part of the body of Christ, you’re never alone. ” student Michael Floyd stated.

“We are still speechless and in awe of what God did last night. Hundreds of students were baptized at Red Barn.” posted Unite Auburn.

“Thousands cheered as they were raised from death to life. God is moving on Auburn’s campus and it doesn’t stop here,” said the post.

Following the service, an impressive turnout of around 200 individuals participated in baptism ceremonies.

This event was open to the public without any admission fee.

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