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Ukrainian Prosecutor Gives Proof of Biden Taking Bribes

Viktor Shokin via Ukraine Media Center

The Biden family had no business being in Ukraine — no personal ties, no business relationships, and no expertise or experience in the energy sector.

Yet, Hunter Biden showed up from America. He sat on the board of a Ukrainian gas company called Burisma and received millions of dollars in exchange. Subpoenaed bank records show that roughly $20 million in unexplained wire transfers were sent to the Biden family from foreign sources.

There’s no debate that this occurred. The only question is, “Why?”

Another American was sitting next to Hunter on the same board of the same company — Devon Archer. As a longtime Biden family friend and business associate, Archer says the arrangement was his whole idea.

Beginning on January 20, 2011, then-Vice President Joe Biden wrote a personal letter to Archer to thank him for the business opportunity. The letter, which has been analyzed and authenticated, is quickly becoming known as “the smoking-gun evidence” that confirms Joe Biden’s close personal involvement in the scheme.

“What was he thanking you for?” political commentator Tucker Carlson asked.

“It was kind of the beginning of our partnership, and he was thanking me and thanking Hunter,” Archer said. “I think, at the end of the day for bringing this idea of this government regulatory strategic advisory business into the private equity world. And I think he was excited about the prospects for Hunter, and he was just thanking me. I think it was a nice gesture.”

In the words of Archer, the Biden family provided “government regulatory strategic advice” to companies in Ukraine, Russia, and China. Specifically, the Biden family worked with foreign nationals in the energy sector. In 2022 alone, the U.S. invested over $140 billion into “clean energy.” Conveniently, the Biden administration has set a goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Multiple eyewitnesses have testified before Congress that Joe and Hunter Biden put the U.S. government on sale by providing their influence within U.S. politics.

Archer testified at the House Oversight Committee and confirmed that Hunter put his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, on speakerphone while meeting with business partners at least 20 times. “Archer described how Joe Biden was put on the phone to sell ‘the brand,'” Archer explained in his testimony.

In one of their central business deals, Hunter and Archer were placed on the board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma. Notably, Hunter and Archer are American citizens without any personal or business ties to Ukraine, nor any experience in the energy sector. Nonetheless, they received millions in this position for an unknown reason — until now. v

Archer testified that Hunter was required to get help from then-Vice President Joe Biden “regarding the Ukrainina prosecutor Viktor Shokin.” Left-wing “fact-check” articles, including one from CNN, have claimed that Shokin was not investigating Burisma or considered a threat to the company.

“He was a threat,” Archer explained. “He ended up seizing assets of [Burisma owner] Nikolai [Zlochevsky] — a house, some cars, a couple properties. And Nikolai actually never went back to Ukraine after Shokin seized all of his assets.”

Numerous people have corroborated Archer’s testimony, including Shokin himself as well as an FBI informant. The credible informant said Burisma CEO Zlochevsky paid off the Bidens with $10,000,000 for the firing of Shokin.

Shokin won a court order on Feb. 2, 2016 and seized Zlochevsky’s property. Shokin was fired roughly two months later on March 29. Biden later bragged that he demanded that Ukraine fire Shokin or else the U.S. would withhold $1 billion in aid. This ultimately stopped Shokin from continuing to seize Zlochevsky’s personal assets and investigate his company, where Hunter and Archer “worked.”

“Well, son of a b****. He got fired,” Biden said gleefully.

When asked if Joe Biden or Hunter Biden received bribes, Shokin said, “My firm personal conviction is that, yes, this was the case.”

Major media outlets continue to defend Biden. A “fact-check” from left-leaning USA Today writes, “It’s true that Joe Biden leveraged $1 billion in aid to persuade Ukraine to oust its top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, in March 2016. But it wasn’t because Shokin was investigating Burisma. It was because Shokin wasn’t pursuing corruption among the country’s politicians.”

Referring to the Biden family, Shokin insisted, “They were being bribed. And the fact that Joe Biden gave away $1 billion in U.S. money in exchange for my dismissal, my firing — isn’t that alone a case of corruption?” he asked.

Democrats notoriously impeached former President Donald Trump on far less in December 2019. Democrats claimed Trump allegedly threatened to withhold military aid and a White House meeting from Ukraine if the country failed to investigate corruption within its government.

Democrats claimed this was “abuse of power and obstruction of Congress,” which led to his impeachment on December 18, 2019. In comparison, Biden has openly admitted to threatening to withhold aid while his son raked in millions as part of an international influence-peddling scheme.

Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky admitted that he felt “forced or coerced to pay” the Bidens in exchange for political favors.

Appearing on Fox News, Shokin presented evidence that the Bidens took bribes. He also discussed why he was investigating Burisma. Watch for yourself:


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