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Cornel West Blasts Democrats In Scathing Statement

Dr. Cornel West Talks Presidential Run, Mass Incarceration, Servant Leadership | Breakfast Club Power via YouTube

Third-party presidential candidate Cornel West says Democrats are failing America and that the Democrat party is “beyond redemption.”

West says Democrats are hurting “poor and working people” and unable to meet their needs.

Socialist Bernie Sanders recently endorsed President Joe Biden for a second term because he’s “America’s only hope for preserving democracy against the Republican party’s front-runner, former President Donald Trump.”

“I think it’s a plausible argument,” West responded. “I just don’t think it’s a persuasive one.”

“I think that the argument he’s making means that there’s never any possibility for breaking the corporate duopoly, that there’s never any possibility of trying to speak to the needs of the poor working people,” he continued.

“They are dominated by the corporate wing, they’re dominated by the militarists when it comes to foreign policy, and that [Sanders] and AOC and the others are going to be, in a certain sense, window dressing at worst, and at best, people to appeal to every four years,” West said.

“But the Democratic Party is beyond redemption at this point, when it comes to seriously speaking to the needs of poor and working people.”

West says Sanders’ support for Biden was only due to his “fear of neo-fascism of Trump.”

Sanders said, “You know, Donald Trump is not somebody who believes in democracy.”

“Whether women are going to be able to continue to control their own bodies, whether we have social justice in America, we end bigotry — around that, I think, we have got to bring the entire progressive community to defeat Trump or whoever the Republican nominee will be,” he added.

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