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‘Done Biting My Tongue’: Video of Gold Star Dad Should End Joe Biden’s Career

Father of Fallen Marine Cpl. Daegan W. Page speaks at House Foreign Affairs Committee via CSPAN

Mark Schmitz, a Gold Star dad, lost his son during President Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

At least 180 people were killed during a suicide bombing at the unsecured Kabul airport, which included 13 U.S. servicemen and women. Schmitz’s son, Marine Lance Cpl. Jared Schmitz, was one of those killed in the Kabul bombing.

Appearing on Capitol Hill to testify before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Mark Schmitz summed up Biden’s presidency by calling him a “coward” and “disgrace to the nation.” (Poll: Is Joe Biden Doing A Good Job? VOTE)

“I identify as a father, a husband, a p—-d-off, fed-up American patriot,” he began. “And now, thanks to this administration, a Gold Star dad, a title no one ever wants to have.”

“Our so-called leader can’t even utter their names in public — not even once,” Schmitz continued. “Mr. Biden has run his entire political campaign for 50 years as a family man. That campaign slogan will never work again. We have been seeing what is going on in your family — and even worse, we’ve seen how you have been treating us, the Gold Star families.”

“There cannot be anything more cowardly and disgusting with how you treated us,” he said. “You are a disgrace to the nation.”

“We’ve been lied to about what happened that day, as well as what happened to our children. We’ve been lied to about our relationship with the Taliban, which, by the way, have done more to take out the leaders of this attack than our own leadership has,” he added.

Following the deadly attack, Biden lied about his son dying in combat and notoriously checked his watch multiple times while waiting for the fallen soldier to reach the tarmac at Dover Air Force Base. Biden’s son died years after his service due to cancer.

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“As you can probably tell by now, I am done biting my tongue,” Schmitz said while addressing Biden. “You, sir, stole their lives, their futures, their dreams. You ripped apart 13 families. You cannot even man up and admit that. You, sir, gave us all the title ‘Gold Star family.’ You, sir, discredit honor and integrity.” (Poll: Do You Trust the Biden Family? VOTE)

“Two years later, there are things I find myself thinking about,” he continued. “Where and what was Biden’s logic sneaking out of Bagram in the middle of the night, before even getting a single Afghan partner or American civilian out?”

“This is the purest definition of intentional negligence.”

“From the age of 3, Jared has always dreamed of being a Marine,” he said. “Little did he know or I know that would end up being the final major decision in his life; 2021 rolls around quickly, he says he’s getting to come home and see us and his brothers and sisters because he’s finally getting to go home on his first deployment to Jordan.”

“He felt like was finally getting the chance to make a difference. He felt that by becoming a Marine, he would make that difference a reality.”

“I knew it had to be Afghanistan,” Schmitz said. “We followed the news back home about what was going on and knew that had to be the place. Ever since Biden decided to ignore all reliable intelligence from his top advisers and close Bagram Air Force Base … which directly and immediately led to the Taliban taking back most of Afghanistan, that our warriors previously had fought so hard to control.”

“He said he thought he was going to die there those first couple of days due to the absolute chaos,” Schmitz testified. “He said, ‘Dad, the look on these people’s faces was that of utter human desperation and there’s no way we can save them all.’”

Key Takeaways:

• Mark Schmitz, a Gold Star dad who lost his son in the Kabul bombing during the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

• He called President Joe Biden a “disgrace to the nation” for his handling of the situation.

• He accused Biden of stealing the lives and futures of the fallen soldiers and questioned the logic behind the decision to withdraw from Bagram Air Force Base.

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