A Yazidi woman, who is 20 years old now, was kidnapped and repeatedly raped by a member of the Islamic State terror group.

Recently she confronted her tormentor on Iraqi television.

“Video shows a former Yazidi girl, who was held as a slave by ISIS, confronting the terrorist who held her captive and raped her when she was just 14 years old,” the tweet reads.

She was sobbing and demanding an explanation. Then she fainted.

“14 years old. This is one of the bravest woman alive,” the tweet adds.

From Times of Israel:

Ashwaq Haji Hamid was 14 years old when IS group fighters seized Mount Sinjar in Iraq, the Yazidi ancestral heartland in Iraq, and went on to slaughter thousands of Yazidi men and boys and abduct girls to be used as sex slaves.

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“I was approximately 14 years old when I was arrested by the terrorist ISIS gangs,” Hamid said in an interview with Iraqi station Al-Iraqiya translated into English by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)…

“I did not expect them to rape us because I was only 14. But they restrained us with iron handcuffs and violently raped us,” she continued. “He kept promising that he would let me go but then he would rape me three times a day and beat me three or four times a day. I was just a child and didn’t know anything.”

“Even if I was allowed to kill him, I would not want to get his filth on my hands, but I demand that the government do us right — it’s not just me, because who knows how many Yazidi girls he raped after me.”

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