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Alex Salvi, the anchor of “After Hours” on One America News Network (OANN), reported that “the White House is taking the temperatures of people before entry to press briefings.”

“A journalist was denied entry after their temperature was above the CDC guidelines of 100.4 degrees,” Salvi continued.

“They were checked 3 times over span of 15 minutes; all came back high.”

White House press secretary Katie Miller as well as CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz corroborated this report.

“According to the White House Medical Unit, the temperature was taken three times over a 15 minute period — all three registered above the @CDCgov 100.4 guidelines,” Miller said.

CNN’s Prokupecz added, “CNN White House Team: A journalist was denied entry into the press briefing after having a 99.9 fever. He was trying to get access to the briefing and was turned away and is being held by the press office on the White House driveway.”

The unnamed journalist reportedly works for the outlet CGTN, which is a Chinese-owned English language channel.

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Here were some of the trending responses on social media:

Nathan King, who also works with CGTN in Washington DC and reports on China-US Foreign Policy, confirmed with his colleagues that the denied journalist was from CGTN.

King claimed that “Twitter has taken over but I’ve checked this out with colleagues.”

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“His temperature was higher, though not in the fever range, because he was running to make the briefing,” King added.

“I have been informed his recent temperature readings at home were 96.8 and 96.5. Thanks all,” King concluded.

However, Salvi points out that this information “directly contradicts the events laid out by the White House. There were 3 recordings over the span of 15 minutes, all over 100.4.”

Here were some of the trending responses on social media to the news:

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