President Trump has kept a key promise to rural communities following decades of broken promises and inaction from Washington bureaucrats.

Trump has set in motion a major shift in funding. Rural communities will receive a long-overdue share of federal funding for roads, rail, and airports.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao says rural areas that previously received only 21% of $7-$8 billion in infrastructure funds during past years will now received up to 70%.

Chao told reporters, “Rural America is not looking for a handout … They merely want not to be overlooked or discriminated against and to have their fair share in the distribution of federal resources.”

WATCH: Sec. Chao Discusses ROUTE Initiative

In Iowa, Transportation Director Mark Lowe said the new funding would be used for road “modernization,” improving bus systems to get workers into urban areas, and even river lock systems to move goods.

In Missouri, Gov. Mike Parson said fixing broken infrastructure is a top focus, and Chao’s plan comes just in time. “Transportation drives our economy, and improving infrastructure is a major step toward maintaining our highway system and ensuring we have the framework for access and expansion in the future. We appreciate Secretary Chao’s continued support and commitment to infrastructure in Missouri,” he said.

ROUTES is winning cheers in Congress, too.

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“Almost half of all traffic fatalities in the country occur on rural roads, despite only one-fifth of the U.S. population living in these rural areas. This disproportionately high number is due, in part, to crumbling infrastructure and lack of funds to fix the issues,” said Arkansas Republican Rep. Bruce Westerman.