The 9th Circuit has been dominated by liberal justices appointed by presidents from the Democratic Party.

For this reason, there has not been a lot of success when their decisions get appealed to the Supreme Court.

As of 2018, the Supreme Court has overturned 115 cases in the previous decade referred from the 9th Circuit. This is a 76% overturn rate.

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“Covering nine western states along with the territorial courts of Guam and North Mariana Islands, the 9th Circuit handles a massive caseload and refers three times the number of cases to SCOTUS as the next most active court,” PJ Media reported.

However, the 9th Circuit has undergone a massive overhaul under the Trump administration.

“The 9th Circuit includes 13 district courts, presided over by a total of 112 judges. The Circuit Court of Appeals, in turn, has 29 justices, meaning that 15 constitute a majority,” PJ Media added. A’s of November, President Trump had appointed eight new justices to vacancies on the Circuit Court.”

The latest change came on Wednesday, when the U.S. Senate confirmed Deputy Assistant Attorney General Lawrence VanDyke of Montana. He previously served as assistant solicitor general for Texas, and solicitor general for both Montana and Nevada. reports that pro-life groups are ecstatic about the nomination:

“We congratulate Lawrence VanDyke on his confirmation. He will be an outstanding addition to the 9th Circuit,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “His distinguished record makes him highly qualified to serve on the federal bench. He is a committed and strong constitutionalist who will uphold the values and deeply held beliefs of our nation. VanDyke joins the ranks of over 150 judges confirmed to the court by President Trump – judges of the highest caliber with respect for the Constitution and the rights of all people. We are very pleased to see him confirmed.”
Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life told that President Trump has been sucessful in remaking the federal appeals court. With the Senate’s confirmation this week of Patrick Bumatay and Lawrence VanDyke for the Ninth Circuit, the president has now seated more than 170 federal judges, including his two Supreme Court nominees.

“With the confirmation this week of two judges for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, President Trump continues to make good on his promise to end liberal judicial activism on the federal bench. With 13 of 29 judges on the court appointed by Republican presidents, the liberal rubber stamp of the Ninth Circuit has been stilled.”

The 9th Circuit is just one example of Trump’s impact.

President Trump has appointed over 170 justices to the federal court throughout the nation.

This includes two Supreme Court justices.

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  1. Let’s keep this one on the ‘down-low’ because those on the other side of the aisle don’t need more fodder for their impeachment charades. But this is fantastic news!!!!

  2. 💥💞👍TRUMPence our/his US ReTRUMPlican Lawmakers 2016-2028 successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly
    Amen & Amen👍💞💥

  3. With the defeat of hillary the liberal world order mindset has been sent into a tail spin. President Trump is slowly dismantling and discharging well placed liberal stooges bent on changing the very core of America. President Trump the right man at the right time to save the United States.

    • It’s even better than that. Look around the world and see what people in other countries are doing. Do you really think the Brits would have voted for Boris Johnson in those landslide numbers or even at all……..if we hadn’t first voted in Donald Trump?? Or would we have seen the Freedom fighters in Hong Kong lift up American freedoms as they waved our flag and sang our anthem?? They trust Donald Trump to not be afraid to publicly support what they were fighting for. And he did not let them down. American voters are leading a worldwide movement to “Just Say No” to a One World Government that is only good for those on the top of the mountain.

  4. Mr President don’t leave any vacancies in the federal courts empty. Some stupid people don’t realize how leftist jurers are killing our liberties.

  5. It should be stated and made law for all….Any Judge who legislates from the bench (makes his decision law, or contradicts laws), should be removed the bench immediately, and for life.

  6. 2 to SCOTUS? RBG is on life support and if she is not DOA by the next SOTU I would be surprised…deffintiely gone by midway through the 2nd term…thank God.


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