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President Trump made a massive announcement about the possibility of a vaccine to the novel coronavirus, according to the Western Journal.

During a segment on Fox & Friends, the 45th president revealed that he believes there will be a vaccine to the virus sooner than later.

“The vaccine is going to be here very soon. And we’ve already got therapeutics with remdesivir and other things.”

The Trump administration’s push to quickly develop a vaccine by the end of the year, known as “Operation Warp Speed,” was launched in May.

“I’m not doing it for political reasons, I want the vaccine fast,” Trump said Tuesday.

“If this were the, I call it the OBiden, if this were the OBiden administration, you wouldn’t have a vaccine for years because they would have taken two or three years.”

Trump added, “We’re going to have a vaccine in a matter of weeks, it could be four weeks, it could be eight weeks, but we are going to have it.”

“We have a lot of great companies, it’s not just one,” Trump said.

“[I]f we have something and we will start delivering it immediately upon getting it,” Trump said.

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“But we’re very close to getting the vaccine and that’s something I look forward to. And I think it would be so good for the world, not just for us, but for the world.”