Even when he loses, Tiger Woods is still on top.

Tiger Woods finished his most recent tournament as the centerpiece of a familiar scene. Even when being tied with five other golfers for ninth place, Tiger Woods was wearing red and taking a shot from 140 yards out that bounced in and out of the hole. This approach to the green while Woods was surrounded by his customary large group of loud fans that call his name and even dress like the golf legend.

This nearly remarkable shot occurred at Torrey Pines Golf Course, a course that Woods is familiar with. Each tournament that Woods plays in is an opportunity for Tiger Woods to make another mark in the history books. Right now, he is currently tied with Sam Snead for winning 82 P.G.A. tournaments.

This weekend the Genesis Invitational at Riviera Country Club is underway in Los Angeles, CA. A victory here will push Woods over the top and to the front of the most P.G.A. tournament wins by a single person.

Although Woods did not recently win in San Diego, he has been consistently strong since his Masters’ win in Japan last year after knee surgery.

The Indian Express reported on the approaching record breaking opportunity.

The twist is that Woods has never won at Riviera, which also happens to be the course where he played in his first professional tournament at age 16.

“I’ve played in a number of events over the years, and for me not to win an event that means so much to me in my hometown — I just haven’t done well here,” Woods said Tuesday at a news conference. “Hopefully, I can put it together this week, and we’ll have a great conversation on Sunday.”

Woods said that after the Presidents Cup, he went a couple of weeks without touching a club until his 44th birthday on Dec. 30, when he played a round with his son, Charlie. Between his Masters win in April and his most recent victories, Woods had sought to manage the rigors of his Tour schedule, given his recovery from four back surgeries, the most recent of which was a spinal fusion he underwent in 2017.

Woods pulled out of the FedEx Cup playoff opener with an oblique muscle strain, and admitted that back soreness limited him as he prepared before a disappointing finish at the BMW Championship in August.

“I was a little bit fried physically, mentally, emotionally,” Woods recalled last month.

Tiger Woods has evolved throughout his career. He continues to experiment with different clubs and types of balls as he adjusts his mechanics and strengthens his fundamentals. Woods has had victory in the past at Torrey Downs. He famously won the tournament despite having multiple fractures and torn ligaments in his knee.

Woods is now healed from his surgery, he has won in the past, and is now gaining momentum for what may be an inevitable seizure of the crown of being the “winningest player” to have every played the game of gold.

Tiger Woods has always been marked to achieve golf stardom and despite taking time off to deal with personal struggles and legitimate injuries, he has continued to return and find victories. Now coupled with partners that may have not been born when Tiger started winning, he is facing a new generation of athletes and fighting the usual breakdown that come with getting older.

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