Sports Illustrated has advertised that the finalists in the 2020 Model Search competition to appear in an issue are the most diverse group of contestants that have ever made it is this far in the contest.

In October of 2019, seventeen contestants were revealed and after an after a three month elimination process, the group has been reduced to six finalists that include a 56 year old woman, a plus-sized model and bald woman.

The six finalists are being taken to the Turks & Caicos Islands for a photoshoot in the Caribbean. The body-positive focus is a continuation of the direction that the publication started heading in several years ago.

Breitbart reported on the variety of finalists.

The finalists include Philadelphia native Christie Valdiserri, a 25-year-old fitness instructor and dancer whose personal style includes are bald head.

“I was inspired to attend the Model Search in Miami when I finally had enough strength and confidence in myself as a bald woman,” Valdiserri recently said.

Valdiserri added that she wanted to “educate the next generation that beauty comes from who you are, not from what you look like.”

Kathy Jacobs from Calabasas, California, is also a member of the group, but at 56 and silver-haired, is an even more unconventional finalist for the magazine’s most glamorous photo-shoot…

“I am doing this to be part of a change in the views on women over 50, not only by society but by ourselves. It is a boomerang effect, and we as women over 50 need to stand together and realize how amazing, relevant, beautiful, and sexy we all are.,” Jacobs added.

Brielle Anyea, 24, is yet another interesting member of the finalists. As a plus-sized model with 113,000 Instagram followers, Anyea insists that she hopes to represent “inclusion” in the magazine’s swimsuit model competition.

“I hope every chocolate chubby girl and every thick queen around the world sees this and know that anything is possible,” Anyea continued…

…The other finalists include Florida model Clarissa Bowers, Connecticut resident Tanaye White, and the youngest finalist at 20 years of age, Jamea Lynne Byrd of Philly.

Sports Illustrated’s Model Search is supposed to be an opportunity for unknown models to be exposed to the world. Some of finalists have competed in previous years, and others entered the contest on a whim.

All of the winners will have their exotic photoshoots in the 2020 Swimsuit issue before the final winner is announced.

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