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🚨 POLL: Do mail-in ballots make voter fraud too easy? 👇

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During a segment of “The View” on May 18, Rita Wilson discussed her “When we all vote” organization with Tom Hanks and Michelle Obama, according to The Conservative Opinion.

Joy Behar:

So you and Tom are co-chairs along with Michelle Obama of ‘When We All Vote,’ a nonpartisan organization working to close the race and age voting gap. So what are you doing? Tell us what you are doing to make sure the pandemic won’t hinder people from voting in November in the election. I’m very worried about that.

Rita Wilson:

Well, it’s ‘When We All Vote.’ I’m glad you mention it is bipartisan. It is important for Americans just to remember that we have this very valuable right, which is the right to vote, and Whenweallvote.org is a place that you can go to and get three friends to register to vote and also you can sign up for taking the census.

But it’s a way to also ensure through your legislators that you can get either mail-in ballots or early voting. Some people want to come in early in person, and a lot of states need to be offering that opportunity to do that. It’s a way to put your voice in that, on that petition that will allow you to vote in the way that you feel most comfortable with.

You know, we still are in the middle of a pandemic. We’re still taking precautions. So some people don’t feel comfortable going to a polling place, and we want to ensure that every American gets the right to vote, and if that’s by doing it mailing in, then we’ve got to make that happen. So Whenweallvote.org. go there, and all the information is there.

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