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Rioters are accused of burning an American flag on top of a statue of George Washington in Portland and then destroying the statue by tearing it down, The Daily Wire reports.

KOIN News reported, “Some wrapped the statue’s head in an American flag and lit the flag on fire.”

“Numbers grew over the next hour until there were enough people to pull the statue to the ground. They quickly scattered,” the report added.

Police arrived after the statue was already toppled, according to the news crew from the outlet KOIN.

They “found the statue face down and covered in graffiti.”

Journalist Andy Ngo wrote to Twitter: “Antifa rioters on Sandy Blvd. in Portland draped a US flag over a George Washington statue [and] set it on fire. They then toppled the statue. ‘Genocidal colonist’ [and] ‘f— cops’ are sprayed on monument.”

Ngo added, “Rioters have began to build another autonomous zone nearby.”

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Ngo said, “The nearly 100-year-old statue of George Washington in NE Portland has been pulled down. There are no police in the area.”

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Ngo later added a video showing the aftermath and the destruction by the leftist protesters.

Left-wing rioters have destroyed monuments and statues across the country in recent weeks after the death of George Floyd, which follows violent riots and looting that broke out in inner cities across the country.

Last week, rioters destroyed a Christopher Columbus statue in Minneapolis that was created by an Italian immigrant as a gift from the state’s Italian-Americans. The Daily Wire reported:

“The 10-foot bronze statue was pulled from its granite base by several dozen people led by a Minnesota-based Native American activist outside the state Capitol,” Reuters reported. The destruction of property comes as riots have erupted in inner cities amid a wave of protests over the death of George Floyd. Some of the rioters have started to tear down historical monuments that they deem to be offensive.

According to a Minneapolis government web page, “The 10-foot tall bronze sculpture of Christopher Columbus was dedicated on October 12, 1931 and was presented as a gift from Minnesota’s Italian-Americans. The sculpture sits on a red granite base embellished with carvings of sea shells and fish around the top and on either sides are eagles with spread wings atop globe-shaped spheres. Sculptor: Carlo Brioschi, dedicated on October 12, 1931; restoration and preservation efforts in 1992.”