Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is reaching across the aisle and is grabbing every Never Trump Republican he can find to support him in November.

His most recent acquisition: Former Republican governor and presidential candidate John Kasich.

As the Columbus Dispatch reports, Kasich is expected to speak on Biden’s behalf at the Democratic National Convention. The Republican, a frequent Trump critic, will likely use this platform to publically endorse Biden over Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

It is unclear why Biden is having someone speak for him at an event where he is expected to win his party’s nomination.

The pick-up, however, is part of a clear strategy by the Biden campaign to appeal to Republican voters bothered by Trump and his current handling of the coronavirus, race riots, and the economy.

The Dispatch adds:

In crucial battleground states such as Florida, some Democrats are concerned that Biden’s current standing could be a high-water mark. Some polls suggest Biden’s strength comes more from voters’ displeasure with Trump than excitement over Biden, whose regular gaffes, long Washington record and recent attempts to appease progressives leave him in a tougher spot than some Democrats would like to believe.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, the only Democrat elected to statewide office there, praised Biden’s message and said he could appeal to rural and middle-class voters. But she says “it’s way too early” to predict a victory.

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“As we get closer, polls are going to get tighter,” Fried said.

That happened in 2016 when Trump narrowly won the election after trailing Hillary Clinton in the polls for months. The Democrats’ reluctance to enjoy the current moment reflects the sting of that loss, Biden’s nagging vulnerabilities and Trump’s mountain of campaign cash.

According to the report, both campaigns are eyeing television advertising in the coming months with Trump having already reserved $146 million to help him in swing states.

In Florida alone, the president has invested $36.3 million. This is the most he has spent in a single state.

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“That’s more than double the next closest state, Ohio, where Trump has reserved $18.4 million,” the Dispatch reports.

Trump is reportedly also looking to flip states that backed Clinton in 2016: “He’s investing $14 million in Minnesota, $6.7 million in New Hampshire and $6.1 million in Nevada.”

Conversely, Biden has not yet reserved any advertising blocks for television programs.