Ghislaine Maxwell, the former girlfriend and handler for convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, is reportedly concerned she could be killed before she gets a chance to testify in court.

As Fox News reports, Maxwell was arrested on July 2 at her home in New Hampshire and has been “charged with conspiracy and perjury in a multi-state sex trafficking ring involving three unnamed minors between 1994 and 1997.”

As her court date nears, however, a friend of Maxwell’s said she believes what happened to Epstein could happen to her.

“Everyone’s view, including Ghislaine’s, is Epstein was murdered,” the friend said via the report. “She received death threats before she was arrested.”

The friend, who was “in regular contact with Maxwell at her secret New Hampshire hideaway,” also said Maxwell was forced to buy security due to threats against her life.

Fox News adds:

Last week, New York Judge Alison Nathan said the British socialite, accused of sexually abusing and exploiting girls as young as 14 alongside Epstein, posed too great a flight risk to be allowed to leave. Maxwell will be behind bars in a Brooklyn, N.Y., detention center until her trial, tentatively scheduled for July 2021.

Maxwell’s arrest and the details surrounding her case have given the world a glimpse into the life of the woman once considered Epstein’s closest confidant and who has hobnobbed with princes and presidents around the world. Her proximity to Epstein and those he socialized with has made her the target of powerful people who prefer not to have their name associated with Epstein or Maxwell.

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Fox News also reports the “mysterious circumstances” surrounding Epstein’s death still has some people believing he was murdered in his jail cell, rather than the official story of his committing suicide. The questionable facts of Epstein’s case include: he was on a 24-hour suicide watch, his cellmate was moved out, the guards responsible for watching his cell both fell asleep, and the video footage of his cell on the day of his death was deleted.