According to a report from Breitbart, more than 600 inmates deemed “non-violent” offenders and most at-risk of contracting the coronavirus had been released from prison.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva in Los Angeles County, California confirmed this information, the report adds.

Villanueva told the LA Times that officers should be citing and releasing individuals committing non-violent offenses, rather than booking them into prison.

Daily arrests in Los Angeles County have reported dropped from an average of 300 daily to just 60.

Officers were instructed to “release all accused criminals who have a bail less than $50,000,” the report concludes.

These changes occurred in response to the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S.

More from Breitbart:

No coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the county jail.

In Cook County, Illinois, where the city of Chicago is located, the sheriff’s department is releasing inmates who are considered “highly vulnerable” to contracting the coronavirus. Officials have yet to say how many inmates have been released from prison thus far.

Those being released in Cook County have been deemed “non-violent.” The sheriff’s department is requesting the Cook County Public Defender, the Office of Chief Judge, and the Cook County State’s Attorney to follow their lead in making sure inmates and accused criminals are released.

No coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the county jail.

Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Cuyahoga County, Ohio — home to the most dangerous city in the state, Cleveland — is releasing hundreds of inmates from prison in fear that the coronavirus may spread among the prison population.

Judges in Cuyahoga County are even taking measures to quickly get through cases where accused criminals have pleaded guilty and can be readily released or sent home under house arrest measures.

Judges held a special Saturday morning session to settle cases with guilty pleas, release inmates, send them to prison, or release them on house arrest. The George Soros-funded American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) praised the release of inmates in Cuyahoga County, asking other counties and states to follow suit:

“Mass incarceration is a clear public health risk,” ACLU officials wrote online. “We encourage other states to follow Ohio’s leadership.”

No coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the county jail.