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According to reports from Breitbart News, French authorities seized over 130,000 masks to healthcare workers in Britain.

The day prior, the French border guards seized a heavy goods vehicle carrying hand sanitizer to Britain.

These incidents triggered issues between the two countries as Britain’s National Health Service struggles against the coronavirus pandemic.

“On Tuesday night, French authorities stopped the hand sanitizer and confiscated the lot,” a British government source confirmed to The Sun.

“On Wednesday night, it was lorries full of FFP3 face masks to protect staff.”

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Another source in Whitehall tried to play down the incidents, however, claiming both were “dealt with relatively quickly.”

“There is a clear understanding between countries that only a united approach will tackle the public health emergency all countries face,” they suggested, adding that the mask seizure “appears to have been a misunderstanding, [and] we’re confident it won’t happen again.”

Sir Iain Duncan Smith, the eurosceptic former Tory leader and Cabinet minister, remained distinctly unimpressed, saying of the incident: “This shows you all you need to know about European co-operation.”