A workout was arranged by the NFL for Colin Kaepernick and over two dozens teams were expected to attend.

Kaepernick refused to show up. He didn’t agree with the league’s conditions regarding the workout.

At the last minute, just 3 hours before the workout, Kaepernick changed the venue and worked out at a local high school in Atlanta. Only 8 of the 25 original teams showed up to scout him.

Several people have been highly critical of Kaepernick’s actions, suggesting he is more interested in the theatrics and would rather “be a martyr” than actually play football.

Rapper Jay-Z, who had been repeatedly encouraging the NFL to hold the workout for Kaepernick, was very disappointed:

…After Kaepernick ditched the NFL organized workout in favor of a smaller workout at an Atlanta area high school, sources say that the rapper is disappointed at the league’s original anthem protester for turning a “legitimate opportunity” into a PR stunt.

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Sports talkshow host Dan Patrick reported that Jay-Z said he took a “reputational bullet” in joining with the NFL to work on their entertainment and social justice initiatives.

According to XXL, Jay-Z believes the quarterback turned a “legitimate workout” into a publicity stunt.

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USA Today football columnist Mike Jones argued, “Kapernick’s power move further fueled the school of thought that he’s more concerned with theatrics than football.”

Kaepernick’s agent, Jeff Nalley, and his attorney, Ben Meiselas, tried to describe Kaepernick as a victim. Here’s what Meiselas said:

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“From the outset, Mr. Kaepernick requested a legitimate process and from the outset the NFL league office has not provided one. Most recently, the NFL has demanded that as a precondition to the workout, Mr. Kaepernick sign an unusual liability waiver that addresses employment-related issues and rejected the standard liability waiver from physical injury proposed by Mr. Kaepernick’s representatives…

“Additionally, Mr. Kaepernick requested all media be allowed into the workout to observe and film it and for an independent film crew to be there to ensure transparency. The NFL denied this request. Based on the prior conduct by the NFL league office, Mr. Kaepernick simply asks for a transparent and open process which is why a new location has been selected for today. Mr. Kaepernick looks forward to seeing the representatives from the clubs today.”