#2 Publishers & News Sites

As a Publisher or News Site, we understand that advertising and CPM is of the utmost importance. Analyzing America was found on the concept that our proprietary advertising technology consistently outperforms our competitors.
To demonstrate our confidence in online advertising, we guarantee to increase your revenue by 20% or more if your application to Analyzing America is approved. We have never failed to increase our clients’ revenue by this margin. However, if we fall short of this goal, our clients may choose to be reimbursed for any losses during the initial 60-day period from our launch date.
Following implementation, our technology optimizes the advertising on your web and app properties in order to increase revenue. Our expert ad operations team improves your site CPM by optimizing advertising bids, competition, ad viewability, advertising fill, and more. We improve advertising quality, increase direct sales, collect and monetize email subscriptions and other data, provide fast reporting, and send reliable payments monthly. We provide clients with revenue reports daily. Most importantly, we believe in earning your business by providing superior services and outperforming any competing offer. Therefore, Analyzing America does not earn any business by contracting. Clients have the final say regarding which advertisements are allowed.
Beyond advertising, we also offer a variety of extra services, depending on your needs. We take a unique approach to each partnership. If you feel our expertise in other areas may be helpful, we can assist with data collection and monetization, social media strategy, e-commerce methods, email monetization, and reliable web development.
Our company is well-known for working with many public figures and popular brands. We take a unique approach to each client in order to best serve their needs. Most often, our primary goal is to significantly amplify site traffic and brand awareness. We have helped successfully propelled our clients’ sites to among the top sites in the country. Our team of web developers, content creators, social media experts, e-commerce managers, email experts, and ad specialists ensure your brand reaches more people and earns more revenue. Clients of Analyzing America reach over 100 million monthly page views and over 30 million monthly unique visitors. As a result of increasing site traffic, we also increase revenue significantly. Rather than solely relying on social media and SEO for traffic, our clients generate organic traffic by forming a trusted and close relationship with their fanbase. Users will directly access our clients’ site through their email and organically through their web browser.

Many of our clients depend on e-commerce as a central means of generating daily sales and revenue. Our team has over a decade of experience helping grow the biggest online stores for our clients. When selling products online, we are able to dramatically increase conversion rates by split-testing advertising on a large scale, micro-targeting lookalike audiences on social media to a degree of 99% accuracy, and crafting mind-blowing marketing that outperforms your competitors. We also have team members who can assist with product development and testing, customer service, and daily processing and shipments.

Managing and monetizing massive email lists requires significant experience and expertise. Our personnel has sent over one billion emails. Through constant testing, we have fine-tuned our email system and generated hundreds of millions of traffic and engaged clicks through email. We have successfully connected our clients’ email lists with commercial enterprises and extrapolated revenue. Clients always have the final say regarding our recommendations for email management and monetization.

Our team of web developers is available to our clients at no cost. We regularly assist with both minor and major web development tasks, including professionally designing and creating our clients’ sites, smartphone apps, data collection portals, and more. Throughout the year, our team continues to assist with any web development tasks as required and at no cost. Our sites are specifically designed to maximize traffic levels and advertising revenue. This requires us to invest thousands into the creation of your website, which you own. The task of web design will be an unending endeavor that improves over time. Clients always have the final say regarding web design and advertisements.

In addition to increasing brand influence and site traffic, our other primary goal is to increase revenue for our clients. If your application to Analyzing America is approved, we guarantee to increase your revenue by 20% or more. After many years of experience growing the nation’s largest news and media operations, our team is more equipped and better prepared to promise higher traffic and more revenue. Analyzing America has outperformed its competition in the past five years and generated over $20 million in revenue to its clients. We provide daily revenue reports. We also don’t believe in earning business by contracting, but by providing superior services. For this reason, we remove any costs and risk from our clients. Our clients may terminate their agreement with us at any time and for any or no reason because we firmly believe in our ability to provide the best services in the world.

In contrast to our competitors, we have successfully developed and implemented data collection and monetization strategies for our clients. What does this mean? The clients of Analyzing America have massive and far-reaching influence. However, capturing and monetizing user data from their subscriber base isn’t always easy. It requires carefully developed strategies and toolkits to gather this invaluable data. Our team consists of data specialists who will assist your brand with the collection and monetization of this user data, which is incredibly valuable. Analyzing America clients currently combine to reach over 100 million monthly page views and over 30 million monthly unique visitors. This network combines to generate tens of billions of advertising impressions and millions of unique data collection points, including emails, age, gender, location, interests, and more. Our team assists in the collection and monetization of user data, which plays a pivotal role in increasing your site’s traffic and value.

Our success on social media is unrivaled. Since our founding in 2009, Analyzing America has generated over 3 BILLION page views in organic traffic from social media for its clients. Current clients of Analyzing America combine for over 20 million organic US followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By “organic,” we emphasize that our clients never pay to increase their social media following or subscription base. Instead, our superior social media strategy has exponentially increased our clients’ presence on social media by implementing best practices for frequent posting, premium content development, viral video creation, audience targeting, and other cutting-edge methods of increasing engagement. Based on our decades of combined experience in social media and content creation, we guarantee to immediately and significantly increase your site and brand’s reach, influence and traffic levels.

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