🚨 POLL: Is Ellen Barkin out of control?

Ellen Barkin, star of TNT’s crime drama ‘Animal Kingdom’ shared her disdain for President Trump via Twitter this week, calling the leader of the free world a “murderous motherfucker.”

According to Breitbart News, Barkin tweeted the comments following President Trump’s press conference on his administration’s progress in handling the coronavirus pandemic.

“Murderous motherfucker,” tweeted Barkin in response to a video of the president stating that “the most important thing to me is saving lives.”

“I spoke to the head of the greatest medical companies in the world, we’re doing great,” added President Trump in the video. “We’ll have [the vaccine] soon.”

“So we’re going to have a vaccine very soon, maybe even before a very special date, you know what date I’m talking about, and what [the Democrats] are doing — because they think it is going fast — so now they’re saying, ‘Wow, Trump’s pulled this off, okay, let’s disparage the vaccine.’ That’s so bad for this country, that’s so bad for the world,” the president continued. “I watched Kamala’s poll numbers drop from 15 to almost zero, and then drop out even before she ran in Iowa, because people didn’t like her, and I understand why. She’s talking about disparaging a vaccine so that people don’t think the achievement was a great achievement.”

In June, Barkin proclaimed that “if Jesus was our savior trump would have gone down in flames before he crossed the street” in response to the president’s visit to the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church after it was set on fire by rioters.

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Tuesday morning was not the first time Barkin claimed that President Trump has caused Americans to die. In April, the actress insisted that President Trump is “responsible for more deaths than Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon,” before bizarrely comparing Trump to communist dictator Joseph Stalin.

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