Daily Wire has reported on information that suggests Planned Parenthood affiliates received $80 million in loans from the federal government under false pretenses, and now the government is demanding to repaid.

Planned Parenthood is being accused by the Small Business Association of intentionally misrepresenting qualifications to receive loans from the Paycheck Protection Program. To be qualified for this type of loan, an organization must employ 500 or less employees. According to Fox News, Planned Parenthood alone employs more than 600 people.

As a result, the federal government wants the company to return the $80 million that they claim was claimed dishonestly.

Sen. Marco Rubio slammed Planned Parenthood after saying that there is “no ambiguity” that Planned Parenthood, that has $500 million in assets, is eligible for the Paycheck Protection Program. The Floridian senator also called for investigation to discover who was aware of the misrepresented numbers.

The investigation would look into both Planned Parenthood and the banks that were responsible for verifying the claims made by companies requesting loans from the federal government.

Daily Wire has been reporting on the moves that Planned Parenthood is participating both in plain sight and behind the scenes.

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Last August, after the Trump administration said it would cut off federal funds from Planned Parenthood if it made abortion referrals, Planned Parenthood’s president and CEO, Laura Meyers, boasted, “Planned Parenthood is never going to allow the Trump-Pence administration to bully us into withholding critical health information from our patients,” asserting that the organization would reject federal funds rather than obey the Trump administration’s order.

The Daily Wire reported in January:

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Abortion provider (and corporate welfare recipient) Planned Parenthood is committing $45 million to helping Democrats get elected in 2020, the group announced Friday, and launching a massive new effort called “We Decide 2020” to help fans of “reproductive choice” win or keep elected office.

The “stakes have never been higher,” Planned Parenthood’s website whines. “More than three-fourths of voters say abortion should remain safe and legal. There is no state in which banning abortion is popular. But anti-abortion politicians continue to try to undermine our rights and our access to reproductive health care, putting the ability of many people to obtain birth control, safe and legal abortion, and accurate sexual education in question — yet again.”

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“We decide who our leaders are. We decide our future,” the website for “We Decide 2020” says. “At the ballot box this year, we — not out-of-touch politicians — decide what we do with our own bodies.”