As we have seen in the past few weeks of the impeachment proceedings and hearings, the Democrats are playing dirty. The desperados’ are trying to push multiple articles of impeachment on President Trump, according to the Washington Post.

Pelosi, Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee are simply trying to overturn the American voters’ decision to put Donald Trump in office and will do anything to do so.

Just some time ago, Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, wrongfully accused President Trump of bribery. Nonetheless, this claim was false. The reasoning behind the slandering claim is deeper. Getting President Trump on the hook for bribery would poll better for Democrats, and of course, in their hopes, get Trump out of office.

The pathetic abuse of power in the hands of Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee is still looking to pin something – anything on Trump, and essentially are rigging the impeachment process. Here’s how:

House Democrats are debating whether to expand articles of impeachment to include charges beyond abuse of power in the Ukraine controversy, setting up a potential internal clash as the party races to impeach President Trump by Christmastime.

Concealed by the Post, betwixt 20 paragraphs, is the reasoning for this, which has absolutely zero to do with facts of the case:

Some moderates, however, see an advantage to multiple articles, according to three Democratic officials familiar with conversations who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk freely. A few moderates have actually encouraged leadership to let them vote against some articles of impeachment on the House floor while backing others, a move that would allow centrists taking heat back home to show a degree of independence from their party’s left flank and their leadership.

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And there you go… As you can clearly see, this entire impeachment hoax has zero to do with the law, zero to do with facts, and everything to do with polls and politics.

It also makes clear just how worried a number of House Democrats are about the way in which this is playing out politically in their swing districts.

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So is it any wonder the fake newsers at the Post would hide the real story under a thousand words of propaganda?

This is what shady prosecutors do when they don’t have a case, when they don’t believe they can win on the facts… They overcharge the defendant, hoping to win a plea bargain.

This is exactly what these shady Democrats are doing here, only this is a plea bargain with fellow Democrats who are worried about being tied to Pelosi’s hip during the 2020 election. Team Trump has already been airing ads in vulnerable congressional districts blasting Democrats who have accomplished nothing in the House, other than to vote to overturn a presidential election based on wild-eyed conspiracy theories and nonsense.