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🚨 POLL: Do some people make everything a ‘Racist’ issue? 👇

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According to Jennifer Rubin, a Washington Post columnist, if you point out that Stacy Abrahams is unqualified to be Biden’s running mate, you may be racist.

According to Rubin:

“Abrams has committed the cardinal sin for an African American woman in the eyes of the right: She will not accept the legitimacy of elections won through voter suppression, and she will not be appropriately docile and humble.”

Commentary and Opinion from Trending Politics:

In the typical style of the modern Democratic party and the resistance media, Rubin is quick to throw down the race card in order to distract from the brutal truth that there is nothing on Abrams’ skimpy resume that would remotely qualify her for the VP job.

A Vice Presidency that could quickly become a presidency once the senile Biden is either forced to step down or is removed from the head of the chain of command through the use of the 25th Amendment.

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The fact of the matter is that Abrams handily lost the Georgia gubernatorial election to Brian Kemp and to his day, refuses to accept the legitimacy of the vote, instead blaming her loss on a sinister racist conspiracy against her.

The pressure on Biden to pick a black female running mate is intense and Abrams along with her media advocates are mounting a furious push to bully lunchbucket Joe into bypassing even a superstar like Michelle Obama in favor of a dangerous, race-baiting conspiracy monger.