Melania Trump has often come under scrutiny by the media. However, her response to the coronavirus has demonstrated merit, class and strength.

On Wednesday, she released a video on social media saying, “To all of our medical personnel and other front-line responders, on behalf of a grateful nation, thank you,” Trump said in her address. “The president and I appreciate all that you are doing to keep the people of our country healthy and safe.”

“In the most difficult of times, the United States never fails to rise to the occasion with both unity and strength,” she said. “It is because of you that the people of America are receiving the care and treatment they need.”

The First Lady thanked the medical workers noting, “We stand united with you and we salute your courageous and compassionate efforts. Our prayers are with all who are fighting this invisible enemy, COVID-19.”

President Trump said, “We will have a great victory. We have no other choice. Every one of us has a role to play in winning this war,” on March 30.

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Commentary and Opinion from The Western Journal:

Despite all of the hardships and partisan fighting, there are plenty of examples of people in our country working together and displaying extraordinary grace and generosity as we combat the coronavirus crisis. It is those examples that provide hope and strength as Americans look for light at the end of the tunnel.

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Melania Trump exemplifies class by focusing on those who are working the hardest and promoting a message of positivity, which is a welcome change from anything we are likely to see on social media or cable news.

The address echoes her husband’s characterization of the fight against COVID-19 as a war.

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Melania Trump’s words also remind the country that with the unity and compassion Americans always find in times of crisis, COVID-19 is an enemy that will be defeated.