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Michelle Obama starred in her own Netflix documentary, and apparently, even her allies in the media had an aversion to it.

The newly released documentary on the former first lady called “Becoming” likely expected to receive praise, however, according to several big-time critics, the film was a bust.

The film was slammed for being “bland,” “self-celebratory,” and “paper-thin.”

Critics were not impressed, even Time Magazine said, Michelle “deserves more than a worshipful gaze” that the documentary offers.

TIME Magazine also said, “The big problem with Becoming is that of all the people who don’t need a hagiography, Obama is pretty much tops on the list. Obama deserves so much more than the worshipful glassy gaze of this documentary; she’s so far beyond it that it can barely contain her.”

Indiewire’s Kate Erbland criticized the film saying “Most of her interactions, she says, are “sanitized,” and the former First Lady can’t help but want to spend time in situations not entirely engineered for her comfort.”

“Viewers of Hallgren’s first feature, a glossy behind-the-scenes look at Obama’s life after the White House (and on an emotional and occasionally draining tour across America), will likely walk away with the same desire.”

In the film, former first lady Michelle Obama is seen saying that having children was a “concession” that cost her “aspirations and dreams.”

“The thing that really changed it was the birth of our children. I wasn’t really ready for that. That really made it harder. Something had to give and it was my aspirations and dreams,” Obama said.

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“I made that concession not because he said ‘you have to quit your job,’ but it felt like ‘I can’t do all of this so I have to tone down my aspirations, I have to dial it back,’” she added.

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Whether she intended to or not, her comments are certainly striking. It’s not often that a parent says having children as “cost” them their “dreams.”

Obama also said it was a “slap in the face” when black Americans did not show up and vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Her comments about the election and voting come after there has been a serious push to get her to run for president.