Screenshot: ‘Chloe Trautman From ‘Siesta Key’ Loves To Throw Drinks At People’ On Ridiculousness

According to CNN, MTV’s ‘Siesta Key’ has reportedly fired one of the show’s stars, Alex Kompothecras, following allegations of racially charged comments on social media.

However, co-star Chloe Trautman appears to be getting a free pass thus far following similar allegations, including a video accusing her of using the N-word while in a physical argument with an unidentified black male.

Many people, particularly in the black community, have expressed their pain and discomfort on social media as a result of her alleged actions.

At least two individuals, Anthony A. Gutierrez and Paul Apostolides, identify themselves as residents in the Sarasota, FL area and have shared the video of Chloe Trautman to social media.

In the recording, Trautman is seen throwing a punch into a group of men. One of the men is identified as “Pauly Paul,” who is her MTV co-star Paul Apostolides. The other two men have not yet been identified.

Trautman is accused of calling them racial slurs. Her own co-star “Pauly Paul” responds in shock, saying, “You just used the N-word!”

Other viewers in the background can be heard asking, “Did she just use the N-word?” Another responds, “Yeah, she did.” It is unclear what caused the altercation.

MTV has not immediately responded to multiple requests for comment on the matter.

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Within the past two days, several major media outlets, including the Daily Mail, Extra TV, and US Weekly, have provided further publicity to the MTV star by sharing her recent weight loss success, but they completely omit these racist allegations and her alleged use of the N-word.

We have reached out to DailyMail, Extra TV, and US Weekly for comment. We will provide an update if they address the issue with an update or retract the published content, considering it helps expand her platform and amplify her voice and negative impact.

Viewer Discretion Advised: The following video may not be appropriate for all viewers.

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MTV 'Siesta Key' Star Chloe Trautman Accused Of Using N-Word, Allegedly Tries To Punch Black Man During Heated Argument. MTV has not responded to request for comment on the matter. Full story in bio.

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Chloe, who recently started her own business called “Concept By Chloe,” has donned both her personal and business Instagram pages with “Black Lives Matter” posts. Even her last Instagram TV video shows her, along with other business partners, advocating for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

However, many people on social media, including Sarasota resident Anthony Gutierrez, are going on the record and calling Trautman a hypocrite. They claim she is a racist behind-the-scenes, despite advocating for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Similarly, Alex Kompothecras posted to social media in support of #blackouttuesday, but was also accused of being a racist behind-the-scenes. Blurry photos were enough to get Kompothecras fired. However, MTV ‘Siesta Key’ fans argue the video evidence of Chloe must be investigated and requires an immediate response from MTV, given the seriousness of the allegations in her racially-charged physical and verbal attack.

In the videos of Trautman posted to social media, the caption reads, “Can very faintly hear the N word. Her Page is a blast in support of BLM yet you can say that word? Gross.”

Despite Chloe’s recent claim to support ‘Black Lives Matter’, her previous posts to social media paint a much more disturbing picture with her white privilege on full display.

In one photo, she is seen stepping on top of another person as a floor mat in order to board a private jet in Aspen. In another photo, she’s seen sprawled across a Lamborghini with the caption, “When daddy buys the girls a Lambo.”

Just two days ago, Entertainment Tonight sourced Chloe Trautman as “one of Vanderpump Rules’ biggest fans.” ET Tonight quotes Trautman saying that “Bravo made the right call” firing Stassi Schroeder and others.

Vanderpump Rules stars Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute were recently fired days after past racist actions surfaced. Meanwhile, MTV’s own ‘Siesta Key’ star Chloe Trautman appears to remain employed and a central figure in the show despite the disturbing allegations.

An entire Reddit thread has started among ‘Siesta Fans’ to debate whether or not Trautman used a “hard R” when saying the N-word. Fans are also debating whether or not she meant the term as an insult, as if these factors impact the use of hate speech in any context.

Some ‘Siesta Key’ fans even appear to be defending Trautman because she allegedly “jumped out of bed in the middle of the night to help her ex-boyfriend who was jumped at a damn bar.” We will provide an update on whether or not MTV defends Trautman or maintains her employment in light of the allegations.

Below is a screenshot of Chloe’s company, Concept By Chloe, posting “lip service” for the Black Lives Matter movement.