President Trump is not perfect. None of us are perfect.

Well, an evangelical magazine, “Christianity Today”, published an editorial saying that “Trump should be removed from office.”

This led to further conversations on MSNBC.

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  1. Rev. Billy Graham started that magazine decades ago. His son, Rev. Franklin Graham, said that his father voted for Donald Trump in 2016 knowing him warts and all. He said his father would not be happy with the magazine nowadays.

  2. since you picked 2 mouthpieces, let’s hear from the man that knows the founder of that magazine best. Care for equal time???
    Franklin Graham posted his lengthy response to the piece early Friday morning:

    My Response to Christianity Today:

    Christianity Today released an editorial stating that President Trump should be removed from office—and they invoked my father’s name (I suppose to try to bring legitimacy to their statements), so I feel it is important for me to respond. Yes, my father Billy Graham founded Christianity Today; but no, he would not agree with their opinion piece. In fact, he would be very disappointed. I have not previously shared who my father voted for in the past election, but because of this article, I feel it is necessary to share it now. My father knew Donald Trump, he believed in Donald Trump, and he voted for Donald Trump. He believed that Donald J. Trump was the man for this hour in history for our nation.

    For Christianity Today to side with the Democrat Party in a totally partisan attack on the President of the United States is unfathomable. Christianity Today failed to acknowledge that not one single Republican voted with the Democrats to impeach the President. I know a number of Republicans in Congress, and many of them are strong Christians. If the President were guilty of what the Democrats claimed, these Republicans would have joined with the Democrats to impeach him. But the Democrats were not even unanimous—two voted against impeachment and one voted present. This impeachment was politically motivated, 100% partisan. Why would Christianity Today choose to take the side of the Democrat left whose only goal is to discredit and smear the name of a sitting president? They want readers to believe the Democrat leadership rather than believe the President of the United States.

    Look at all the President has accomplished in a very short time. The economy of our nation is the strongest it has been in 50 years, ISIS & the caliphate have been defeated, and the President has renegotiated trade deals to benefit all Americans. The list of accomplishments is long, but for me as a Christian, the fact that he is the most pro-life president in modern history is extremely important—and Christianity Today wants us to ignore that, to say it doesn’t count? The President has been a staunch defender of religious freedom at home and around the world—and Christianity Today wants us to ignore that? Also the President has appointed conservative judges in record number—and Christianity today wants us to ignore that? Christianity Today feels he should be removed from office because of false accusations that the President emphatically denies.

    Christianity Today said it’s time to call a spade a spade. The spade is this—Christianity Today has been used by the left for their political agenda. It’s obvious that Christianity Today has moved to the left and is representing the elitist liberal wing of evangelicalism.

    Is President Trump guilty of sin? Of course he is, as were all past presidents and as each one of us are, including myself. Therefore, let’s pray for the President as he continues to lead the affairs of our nation.

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  3. Democrats believe in what is ungodly, This is sad I will no longer be involved with Christianity Today. Father Son Holy. Ghost,100%

  4. Christians always put GOD over all others. Just because we prefer POTUS Trump to any Liberal does not mean we worship him. Liberalism has tainted your brain and left you out of touch with reality.

  5. “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. Render unto God that which is God’s.” Loyalty is not a finite thing. You can, as a Christian be loyal to both. It’s like saying I love my spouse therefore I can love nothing else.

  6. This is the truth according to the Word of God–if you are a Christian, you are to obey and respect my Word! Love overcomes Hate! You will turn from your wicked ways and I will heal your land—-those who have their interpretation of God’s Word—for many will come and judge you according to your deeds and actions. The List is endless–if you Love God with your whole heart and place “HIM” first in your life—you will be blessed rather cursed. Many FALSE PROPHETS will come and say–you are not a Christian! Why? You live and act as a heathenistic country. America is not a Christian Nation–Why? Because the Quran states: “homosexuality is a sin” in fact, it is the greatest sin against our God! Christians and this magazine wrote an article based on their own feelings and not on the Word of God! The Democratic Party’s platform is totally against the Word of God! Abortion–same-sex marriage–allowing a man to become a woman—transgenders doing their own things and becoming whatever they want to become is making themselves a God unto themselves. God Help Us find you once again and search for you with our whole heart. Then and only then–we will be overcomers of this world!


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