Breitbart reported on a bizarre crime that occurred in Kalispell, Montana this weekend involving the vandalism of a statue of the Ten Commandments.

Kalispell police officers responded to an emergency call at 800 South Main Street where someone called to report that a man was wrapping a chain around a statue of the Ten Commandments and the other end of the chain was attached to the man’s truck.

The now-arrested 30 year old Anthony Weimer proceeded to get into his truck and drive away, toppling over the statue and dragging into the street. The statue remained in the street until a team of city workers arrived with a backhoe to return the statue to its rightful place in front of the town’s courthouse.

Breitbart wrote further on the vandalism in the Treasure State.

Kalispell Police Department officers swiftly tracked down Weimer, who is being held at Flathead County Detention Center on felony criminal mischief charges. He is expected to appear in court on Monday.

“Kalispell City Council was asked to take possession of the statue and six others that included historical texts from the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence at the courthouse. Together, the monuments formed a “cornerstone of law” display,” Fox News noted. “The council declined, fearing a lawsuit on First Amendment separation of church and state grounds.”

Weimer’s motive for yanking down the statue is presently unclear.

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