Mike Bloomberg suggested that green cards and then citizenship should be offered to an almost unlimited number of foreigners who graduate from U.S. colleges.

Bloomberg announced his plan in February at a town hall event.

“One of the things in immigration is you’ve got to do some things quickly … You’ve got to staple a green card on every degree when they [foreign students] get out of college, particularly if they’re studying STEM [Science, Technology, Enginering and Math]”…

“We need more immigrants, not less immigrants. And a lot of them come from China.”

Jessica Vaughan, who is a policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies, said:

“Americans would be shut out of job opportunities, and because employers would no longer have to compete for new graduates, their salaries would plummet. Anytime you have an inflow of people to particular geographic locations, there’s going to be a shortage of housing, and Americans and others are going to be priced out of affordable housing.”

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This “would mean the annihilation of our American graduate labor pool,” said Marie Larson, a co-founder of the American Workers Coalition.

Foreigners “will take any jobs because any job here will be better than anything they can get from where they are coming from … They will be displacing Americans citizens from their livelihoods,” he added.

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More from Breitbart:

But the Bloomberg plan would be a boon to education companies, Vaughan said. Foreigners “would be willing to pay almost anything for a degree … just because it would be pass to a green card for them and their families,” she said.

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In contrast, far-left Sen. Bernie Sanders has declined to endorse economic policies that would import “high-skilled” immigration for U.S. employers. The Bloomberg-style economic argument is largely ignored in Sanders’ easy-immigration plan, even though it would also allow a huge number of foreign graduates into U.S. jobs. Sanders’ plan promises to “reform the government agencies tasked with enforcing immigration law to ensure our immigration agencies and officers are serving a humanitarian mission, not a law enforcement one.”

The numbers suggested by Bloomberg would dramatically expand legal immigration into the United States without removing all anti-migration rules.

U.S. citizenship is a huge prize for billions of people who were born in poor, backward, and in chaotically diverse countries. For example, India’s population is so huge that India has roughly 178 million young men aged 20 to 34. That population of young Indian men is more than half the population of the United States.

Each year, roughly four million Americans turn 18, and roughly 800,000 Americans get skilled, four-year degrees in healthcare, business, science, software, or engineering. Those Americans then must pay their college debts as they compete for jobs and housing against roughly one million legal immigrants, more than one million college graduate visa workers, plus at least seven million illegals in jobs.

The current level of immigration floods the labor market, and it shifts much wealth from the heartland to the coasts, from young to old, and from wage-earners to shareholders. For example, Bloomberg.com reported February 24 that employment among college graduates dropped below blue-collar employment:

Unemployment among Americans aged between 22 and 27 who recently earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher was 3.9% in December — about 0.3 percentage point above the rate for all workers.