According to President Trump, “we have to take care of our mentally ill, we have to help people that (are) having problems.”

DJ Jaffe is Executive Director of the independent, non-partisan Mental Illness Policy Org and he acknowledged that President Trump held a mental health summit.

Jaffe said that it was “very gracious” of Trump to invite him because “I am a liberal.”

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WATCH: Mental Health Advocate Praises Trump For Addressing Homelessness

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  1. Awesome! So good for POTUS to get credit for something!? What if the person is not homeless but is mentally ill? Adam Schiff is very ill. He’s not in reality, he’s in his own little world he’s been creating about $ years now. Delusional is that word. The American people have been drug thru the mud by him specifically, and he now claims to have “uncovered” more bogus evidence to attempt to impeach VP Pence. He’s a danger to himself and the “others” are the rest of the country. Adam Schiff should be hospitalized quickly for his own safety. GOP Trump supporters are allowed to decide. We are becoming enraged. How does Mr Schiff know if this huge 63 million group will take things into thier own hands? If nothing can be done legally, then he badly needs treatment. Pay interventionists like on TV. Get Dr Phil. Knock him out with an add fart. He won’t be allowed to continue torturing us.


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