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Co-host on “The View,” Meghan McCain, lamented that if state and local officials don’t at quickly, the upcoming November general election could be an “absolute cluster” for voters who are trying to make it to the polls, according to Fox News.

“November’s not that far away and I don’t know how the American public is going to feel packed in like sardines in a tuna can waiting at the polls to vote,” she said.

“And I’m very, very, very afraid about this election cycle and getting people out to vote because obviously there’s an existential, and possible physical danger that can come with it, and we already have a hard time getting people out — particularly young people out to vote. So, I quite frankly do not know what the answer to this is … I’m telling you, if governors, and people at local levels don’t start thinking about this in a serious way, we are going to have an absolute cluster.”

Her comments are a result of the hosts on “The View” discussing the potential states that could be using mail-in votes, to keep people safe from the coronavirus come election day.

President Trump has openly shared his distaste for the idea, noting that mail-in voting could prompt widespread fraud, and indicated he would be willing to withhold federal funds from states that sidestepped him on that issue.

“By the way, that’s a federal crime,” co-host Sunny Hostin said. “You can’t do anything like that — coercion by means of relief appropriation is a federal crime … it’s tampering of course with an election and with your right to vote.”

“He’s afraid of Michigan because it’s a swing state — there are 16 electoral college votes there,” she said.

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“It’s safe to get your tax returns in the mail, it’s safe to get a social security check in the mail, your passport, prescription drugs, your driver’s license,” Joy Behar said.

“Only five states have perfected the mail-in voting system and it took them five years to perfect it. There’s actually a bipartisan report that was co-chaired by President Jimmy Carter that talked about how it actually would be detrimental to citizens at home who were more susceptible to pressure by intimidation and buying schemes that would be more difficult to detect by mail,” McCain said.

“None of the five states that conduct all-mail elections send ballots to inactive voters. Washington, for example, requires voters to provide some identifying information in the return envelope. Democrats are arguing against these commonsense measures,” RNC National Press Secretary Mandi Merritt said.

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She speculated that Trump was worried about Michigan voting in particular because he won the state by such a slim margin in the 2016 presidential election.

Hostin also asked “why not” allow mail-in balloting if in-person voting would risk people’s lives.

Co-host Joy Behar similarly panned Trump’s concerns.

McCain was more cautious, arguing that it took years for states to effectively implement mail-in voting.