Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters accused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of not caring about black people.

During a segment on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes,” Waters told guest host Ali Velshi explained that McConnell was facing re-election this year and that she was hoping he would be defeated because “he does not care.”

The California Democrat said via the Washington Examiner: “We’re going to have to vote to make sure that McConnell does not get reelected. He’s in a reelection campaign. We have a lot of hope that he is going to be defeated. That’s the only thing we can really hope for.”

“McConnell does not mean black people any good,” she continued. “He does not care. He’s not about the business of correcting what is wrong with the voting rights that’s been basically undermined by the Supreme Court.”

Waters was then asked about the recent passing of civil rights icon and Georgia Congressman John Lewis. She said both chambers were working on a proposal to recognize his achievements as an activist and later a member of Congress. Waters said a measure was already cleared in her chamber but felt unsure if it would clear a Republican majority in the Senate.

“I would like to say that somehow they’re going to honor John Lewis and his sacrifices, his work, and the law that he introduced, and it was passed in the House, and they were going to move to pass it, but I cannot tell you that’s going to happen,” the congresswoman said via the Washington Examiner.

“I cannot tell you that’s going to happen because McConnell and too many of the Republican senators really believe in voter suppression. They do not wish to have one vote, one person. They do not wish to have fair voting in this country,” she added.

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